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Valokuvauspalvelu, videokuvaus, editointi videokuvaaja,  valokuvaaja, Helsinki, Finland.

Price, service and terms:

  • The price starts at 59€/h (inc. 24% VAT) minimum 2h of my work for photo/video raw files.

  • Only one hour of shooting photo/video raw files 89€(inc. 24% VAT).

  • Sundays or other holidays, work is 159€/h(inc. 24% VAT), at least 3 hours of my work.

  • Music, sounds, voices, their recording and post-processing are discussed individually.

  • The reservation is advance payment is 100€(inc. 24% VAT) must be paid for 3 days before photo session.

  • The reservation fee is not refundable in case of cancellation photo session from your part.

  • The reservation fee is refundable in case of cancellation photo session from my part.

  • Retouching negotiated separately. volume of photos in relation to the complexity of work forms the price(discuss individually*)

  • Video editing(discuss individually**). 

  • My transfer to location of video/photosession(discuss individually).

  • * The cost of retouching photos depends on the desired result and your references. Price between 50% -300% from hours of my worktime.

  • ** The cost of video editing is 50% -400% from hours of my worktime, customer requirement for video and references for understanding the result, discussed individually and includes 2 edits.

  • Сlient receives the photos/videos in digital format via Internet in either processed or raw form(discussed before shooting).

  • Pricing policy and terms of my services can be changed at any time without any notifications.

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